Among Us – Part 1 – Aliens Next Door


4.00 out of 5
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Published on: May 11, 2023


Torchwood are on the run. As the world puts itself back together, Torchwood are there to pick up the pieces. And they find something nasty hiding in them.

A housing estate where everyone’s gone mad, an industrial estate interrogation facility, a lighthouse in Iceland, the comments section of a newspaper. Trouble is everywhere. And so are Torchwood.

7.1 Aliens Next Door by Ash Darby
Mrs Betty Clerihew has an exciting secret in her spare room. Torchwood are hiding out there, watching the comings and goings of her estate. Apparently, monsters are living on the cul-de-sac.

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Ash Darby


Ng, Orr

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Scott Handcock

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Audio drama

1 review for Among Us – Part 1 – Aliens Next Door

  1. Estelle

    As all stories in this box-set, this episode is more low-key and intimate than in previous ranges, in which the overarching plot was often heavily driving each episode. This box-set is definitely more of a slow build-up focusing on at most three characters at at time. It lets you spend time in this world, with these characters, but it still manages to creepily and convincingly introduce the new threat. And, after 4 years of absence, this is definitely what this range needed.

    This particular episode is chilling but very good. It allows us to become refamiliarised with Ng and Orr, without ever forgetting how alien they are. And, by the end, you feel like being human is not what it’s is set up to be anyway.

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