Another Life


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Published on: January 4, 2007


Thick black clouds are blotting out the skies over Cardiff. As twenty-four inches of rain fall in twenty-four hours, the city centre’s drainage system collapses. The capital’s homeless are being murdered, their mutilated bodies left lying in the soaked streets around the Blaidd Dwrg nuclear facility.

Tracked down by Torchwood, the killer calmly drops eight storeys to his death. But the killings don’t stop. Their investigations lead Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and Toshiko Sato to a monster in a bathroom, a mystery at an army base and a hunt for stolen nuclear fuel rods. Meanwhile, Owen Harper goes missing from the Hub, when a game in Second Reality leads him to an old girlfriend…

Something is coming, forcing its way through the Rift, straight into Cardiff Bay.

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Peter Anghelides


Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato

Content warnings

Non-consensual body control, Suicide

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BBC – Novels

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John Barrowman


No major relationship

Series timeline

Series 1


Abridged audio book, Novel

4 reviews for Another Life

  1. Lily

    Not the best. It spends a lot of time on things besides the plot which gets a little boring after a while, and the plot itself doesn’t have the most interesting resolution.
    Even if the writing isn’t wonderful, it’s fun to get Torchwood stories in a different format to what we’re used to; it allows for a slower-paced plot and is worth a read for nice character moments.

  2. Syl Verne

    I really liked it!! I thought it was a nice mix between main character moments and looks into the one-time characters lives, and the premise is reeeally intriguing. Though I might be a bit biased bc I love meta-examinations of video games like that :’D

  3. Pandora

    it was a little boring but it wasn’t too bad. i wouldnt reread it but i still liked it

  4. Xandra73

    I liked the story and the characters were quite spot on. I think the writing could have been a bit stronger since it seemed to drag on at times, but overall it was an interesting muder mystery with aliens involved. The ‘Second Life’ throwback was fun- something I haven’t thought about in years. Strange times that have been! This was one of the earlier novels and I really liked that it tried to work with that. You feel that Gwen hasn’t been there for long and that she’s the only one knowing about Jack’s immortality, also the little hints that Ianto is up to no good in his spare time. Haha. The other early Season 1 books didn’t catch that so well.

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