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Published on: July 1, 2009


When PC Andy Davidson arrests a young girl for shoplifting, he thinks it’s going to be a routine case. That is, until he sees that she is carrying a gun. The girl is soaking wet, covered in mud, and the weapon is like nothing he’s ever seen before. He knows that this is a case for Torchwood… The team discovers that the girl is called Freda, but can find out nothing else. Yet when she speaks, it’s a strange mix of English and Icelandic, but with a Cardiff accent. While Jack and Ianto check out the girl’s weapon and her blood sample at the Hub, Gwen and PC Andy take Freda to a safe house. But when Jack calls with the results—and Freda goes on the run—PC Andy finds his world turning upside down.

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Anita Sullivan


Andy Davidson, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness


Kate McAll

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Between series 2 and 3


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2 reviews for Asylum

  1. Louise

    Wasn’t much into this one. Wasn’t good, wasn’t bad. Pretty neutral. Jack and Ianto stole a motorbike though! I think they probably kept it.

  2. Xandra73

    It was great to have Andy in the story! During my first listen, I had trouble following the story and wasn’t that impressed. This changed with the second round. Really interesting story and quite unsettling since the future in question is not very far ahead.

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