Bay of the Dead


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Published on: June 26, 2009


When the city sleeps, the dead start to walk! Something has sealed off Cardiff, and living corpses are stalking the streets, leaving a trail of half-eaten bodies. Animals are butchered. A young couple in their car never reach home. A stolen tugboat is brought back to shore, carrying only human remains. And a couple of girls heading back from the pub watch the mysterious drivers of a big black SUV take over a crime scene. Torchwood must now contend with the intangible barrier surrounding Cardiff, and some unidentified space debris that seems to be regenerating itself. Plus, of course, the all-night zombie horror show!

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Mark Morris


Andy Davidson, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Rhys Williams

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4 reviews for Bay of the Dead

  1. Syl Verne

    Straight-up horror-fun, nothing really bad (or really good) happens. Tiny spot of Janto-related sadness (Jack boasts, Ianto feels insecure) is literally the most significant warning I can give. Overall, if you like zombie stories, you’ll like this!! (And I swear there’s a plot explanation for ’em….. if a pretty cheap one :’D)

  2. Morgan

    This one was so much fun to read! I usually spread the Torchwood books over two or three days but I got it in the mail and then read this in one sitting. I also love zombie stories in general… so I was already looking forward to reading it but it was still really good and definitely worth reading!

  3. Pandora

    it was a fun little zombie story, nothing exceptional but still good :]

  4. Xandra73

    I absolutely loved the book. I had imagined zombies would work better in a movie, but the description made it easy to picture all vividly. Best part of the book were the perfect characterisation of the main characters. Very well balanced and the relationships came across real. Highly recommended.

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