Border Princes


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Published on: January 5, 2007


The End of the World began on a Thursday night in October, just after eight in the evening…

The Amok is driving people out of their minds, turning them into zombies and causing riots in the streets. A solitary diner leaves a Cardiff restaurant, his mission to protect the Principal leading him to a secret base beneath a water tower. Everyone has a headache; there’s something in Davey Morgan’s shed; and the church of St Mary-in-the-Dust, demolished in 1840, has reappeared – though it’s not due until 2011. Torchwood seem to be out of their depth. What will all this mean for the romance between Torchwood’s newest members?

Captain Jack Harkness has something more to worry about: an alarm, an early warning, given to mankind and held — inert — by Torchwood for 108 years. And now it’s flashing. Something is coming. Or something is already here.

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Dan Abnett


Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato

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Non-consensual mind altering, Racism

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BBC – Novels

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Eve Myles


Gwen Cooper/Other

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Series 1


Abridged audio book, Novel

4 reviews for Border Princes

  1. Lily

    One of the more enjoyable books. The addition of a new team member is offputting, but he very quickly becomes likeable as well as interesting. The plot has some nice mysterious elements to it and it’s worth it for the team’s interactions.
    If you read the first book and are wondering whether or not to continue, this is an improvement, but not great for fans of Gwen and Rhys.

  2. Syl Verne

    Honestly one of my absolute favorite novels. SO many good ideas in one, and everyone is really so…..nice??! XD For the lack of a better word. It’s just so wholesome [for Torchwood]! Yes it has Gwen cheat on Rhys (I’d say ‘again’ but in the continuity it’s before Owen so), and if that really upsets you, maybe this book isn’t for you. But if you can see past that I recommend it more than almost any other TW novel!!

  3. Louise

    CONFUSING AS FUCK even though it’s sort of meant to be.

  4. Xandra73

    This story felt off for almost the complete book. Felt too much been there done that. If it was executed in a good way I would not have minded at all. But it simply wasn’t. I guess this is supposed to take place in the beginning of Season 1. Gwen’s behaviour kept me reeling throughout the whole book. I think it would have been a neat idea to place this before Season 1, the new team member wouldn’t have been so obvious at that point. All in all I would rate the story lower than three stars, but I really loved the beginning with the up to the point where Jack and Tosh got in danger. That was excellently creepy! Sadly the whole story about the Border Prince couldn’t hold up to the good start. What the author did get right was the voices of the characters… I thought he hit all of them really well.

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