Corpse Day


4.25 out of 5
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Published on: May 9, 2017


Glynn Lewis is just putting up a spice rack when there’s a knock at the door. A knock that will bring a brutal end to his perfect family.

PC Andy is very excited. It’s Corpse Day – the day when the local constabulary get help on dead cases from Torchwood. This year, he’s volunteered to act as liaison, and he knows he’s going to have a brilliant time.

For Dr Owen Harper, today’s just like any other. There’ll be bloodshed, screaming and murder. At the end of it all, he doesn’t care. After all, life’s just for the living, and he’s long dead.

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James Goss


Andy Davidson, Owen Harper

Content warnings

Bestiality, Cannibalism, Racism, Sexual assault, Stillbirth, Suicide


Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – Monthly range


No major relationship

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Series 2


Audio drama

4 reviews for Corpse Day

  1. Ianto/David

    Contains a lot of good dialogue between Owen and Andy – wittier towards the start but progressively getting darker and moving on to take slightly heavier issues. There are darker themes, though overall the audio didn’t come off as too depressing. I found it easy to listen to and really enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Estelle

    I mean, I can’t say I enjoyed Corpse Day. It’s far too dark and disturbing for that. But it is a very good audio drama.

    Andy and Owen work surprisingly well when paired for what first sounds like a buddy cop story and both actors deliver great performances.

    The plot is horrifying and dark (emphasised by some chilling sound effects) but creative, well executed and connected to character themes.

  3. Lily

    This is… good in a bad way.
    The character interactions are wonderful and the story begins with some really funny dialogue (Owen is dead at this point and they make the most of it). Andy and Owen is a genius pairing with great comedic value; I just wish we’d got it under different circumstances.
    The plot has the most disturbing content in all of Torchwood (and I really mean that), with a terrifying surrealness to the whole thing and an unsatisfactory ending. It’s a ‘What did I just listen to?’ kind of story, and without writing spoilers, I honestly can’t describe it. If you’re going into it expecting a fun buddy cop story, that’ll last for the first ten minutes, until it quickly descends into something horrific.
    However – it brought out the caring side of Owen and threw Andy into a situation we’re not used to seeing him in. Very interesting, well-made, and almost enjoyable if you can get past a few things.

  4. Xandra73

    Teaming up Owen with Andy is quite an odd choice, but since both characters are so very different, it’s very interesting. Also Tom Price is always fun to have in a story. So the story goes about both of them working together to solve a cold case – in the beginning it’s a lot of interaction between the two main characters and it is a great showcase for Owen and how he feels about being dead. After a while the story delves into the horror genre and I think it does a very good job with it. I listened to the story in the dark and it really creeped me out at some points!

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