Forgotten Lives


3.33 out of 5
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Published on: November 5, 2015


It has been four years since the Miracle, and Gwen and Rhys’s lives have gone back to normal, very normal. They’re raising their daughter (they’ve got pictures they’d be only too happy to show you), they’re living in a nice house, and they’re almost on top of the laundry.Captain Jack Harkness has been missing from the world and their lives for a long time. But late one night the phone rings, and they’re summoned to an isolated part of North Wales. The Bryn Offa Nursing Home contains a dark secret, an alien threat, and someone who really shouldn’t be there.

Gwen and Rhys are about to discover that Torchwood stays with you for the rest of your life.

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Emma Reeves


Gwen Cooper, Jack Harkness, Rhys Williams

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Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – Monthly range


Gwen Cooper/Rhys Williams

Series timeline

Between series 4 and 5


Audio drama

6 reviews for Forgotten Lives

  1. Estelle

    A story with Gwen & Rhys is always a joy to listen to. The actors are wonderful and have great chemistry.

    However, the plot of this story felt a bit like several stories jumbled together. The main plot line is captivating and the plot twist in the latter part is horrifying (in a good way, that’s what the story needed). But I can’t help but feel that what could have been a fascinating story with compelling characters was a bit ruined by a cheap writing of Jack and the need to add other plot lines into the existing one.

  2. Lily

    Anyone exploring the Torchwood EU will be too attached to Jack to deal with this. Casting a different actor to play such an iconic character was a bad move, and whilst it’s an interesting concept, I really didn’t enjoy it.
    There was one line that, combined with good sound editing as usual, gave me chills. Again, it’s a wonderful concept but executed in an odd way.
    However, Gwen and Rhys’ dynamic alone earn this all three stars, because they’re wonderful together. Rhys being involved in Torchwood is excellent. It’s the perfect addition to combat the lonely feeling you always get from post-Miracle Day content.
    [This does heavily involve the Committee plotline, and if I’m remembering rightly, it won’t make much sense if you listen to it alone]

  3. Louise

    I came for the Gwen and Rhys and I was not disappointed there! Jack played by an old man was amusing, I do have to say. Plot confused me, and there were like three separate parts to it, so that removes a star. But the character dynamics were fun! And Anwen was adorable.

  4. Xandra73

    This one is set a couple of years after Miracle Day, but still pics up the story arc of The Conspiracy and Fall to Earth and I thought that was very interesting!
    It’s so much fun to just listen to Gwen and Rhys!
    There is a lot of going on and I really had to concentrate on the story to not loose track of what’s going on. I gave it only 4 stars because the story got REALLY crazy by the end also I wasn’t too much into the fact that Jack was completely voiced by other actors.

  5. Jay

    I really enjoyed this one, as it helped to bridge the gap between Miracle Day and Aliens Among Us. The inclusion of Jack, by a different actor, actually really worked for me as a whole and I enjoyed this twist. Whilst there are a lot of elements to this plot, I did find it enjoyable to listen to.

  6. Dina

    A great story to show what exactly Gwen and Rhys do after the Miracle. They are both spectacular in this, balancing being parents and being Torchwood. Where this story falls short is the pacing. There are too many threads and it can’t keep track of them all equally. Gwen and Rhys. Jack. The Committee. The regular alien-of-the-week threat.
    I loved the power/action couple, but other than that? It was alright.

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