God Among Us – Part 1 – 1 – Future Pain


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Published on: October 23, 2018


When a God comes to Cardiff, the world goes to Hell.

Future Pain

Torchwood pick up the pieces and move on. After all, there’s a whole new set of alien threats to deal with.

While Yvonne Hartman is asserting her authority as the new leader of Torchwood, Jack Harkness is hunting an alien god in the sewers – but what’s he really hiding from?

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James Goss


Andy Davidson, Colin Colchester-Price, Gwen Cooper, Jack Harkness, Mr Colchester, Ng, Orr, Rhys Williams, Tyler Steele, Yvonne Hartman

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Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – The story continues


Colin Colchester-Price/Mr Colchester, Gwen Cooper/Rhys Williams

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Series 6


Audio drama

3 reviews for God Among Us – Part 1 – 1 – Future Pain

  1. Estelle

    The heart (in every sense of the word) of this story is Colin Colchester-Price.
    On his own, he is earnest and heart-breaking. And for the first part of this episode, I could feel how isolated he felt and was. For the second part, his anger felt so justified that I was right there with him. Kudos to Ramon Tikaram.
    Colin’s talks with Jack and with Tyler brought the best of these two characters, which is good as I had issues with them in the previous box-sets. Ramon Tikaram has great chemistry with both actors.

    Kudos to James Goss as well. There were so many great lines. Some funny but spot-on ones (“Can I go fight the monster again?”) and some weighty beautiful ones about death, grief, specific characters and Torchwood life.

    Just one minor thing: I know that this is an episode within a series and the fallout of the previous episode needed to be dealt with but I think it would have worked better without the Yvonne and Ro-Jedda plot-line. I felt it didn’t fit the tone and theme of an otherwise seamless episode.

  2. Louise

    Continuing along the lines of season 5, I also love season 6. Five stars for all, just for being my sole coping mechanism currently. Also, in this audio in particular? Amazing Jack & Orr dynamics, great start to finally getting around the front Tyler puts up and starting to understand who he truly is as a person… painful stuff with Colin…
    Good audio.
    Please give us a season 7.

  3. Jay

    I absolutely love this story, it really gives us some great dynamics. Jack and Orr, Colin and literally every character he interacts with, Tyler and God! I think returning to a new series with the characters already established helps a lot. For me this story is quintessential Torchwood, with a hearty storyline at the front and center. Definitely teared up a few times at moments.

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