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Published on: May 20, 2020


Dr Owen Harper’s called to the hospital. There’s a ward full of remarkable coma patients and more are coming in. Each patient came in with a dead relative as their imaginary friend.

Has Owen really discovered a bridge between the living and the dead?

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Grace Knight


Owen Harper

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Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – Monthly range


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Before series 1


Audio drama

3 reviews for Iceberg

  1. Estelle

    This is the less creepy of all of Owen’s outings! I’m not taking into account The Last Beacon, The Last Beacon is an outlier. After Corpse Day and The Hope, and given the synopsis, I was bracing for far more disturbing.
    The plot is captivating and well written, with hints early on that something is indeed very wrong. All these clues come together in a brilliant (and horrifying, just less horrifying than usual) way.

    I really like how the setting allows us to witness Owen in full doctor mode. Between that and having him interact with someone from his life pre-Torchwood, we get to see Owen in a new light. He is still very much the same character but with different nuances. Burn Gorman (as always) does a fantastic job in this well-written character study within an engaging mystery.

  2. Syl Verne

    To be perfectly honest? Almost wanted to give it a five bc I loved it so much – so simple, yet so good!! But I feel like I should reserve that for really special occasions so… 4 it is.
    This one’s got everything if you love sad horror and Owen, though!! He really gets to shine in what’s – his first solo outing at BF, isn’t it? It is, and it digs into his backstory wonderfully w/out that distracting from the plot…. which i can once more only describe as ‘sad horror’ bc well. Sure it’s got horrific elements but it’s not..actually…creepy? not overly much so, anyway.
    But I’m rambling!! If you’re a fan of Owen, I absolutely recommend this listen ^^

  3. Noah

    I listened to this one several times already cuz it’s really really good! It gives a bit of an insight on what Owen’s life used to be like before he started working for Torchwood and I’m a sucker for backstory, so that is really cool. And while he is still very much the same character, Owen’s caring side comes out a lot during this story, which I also like very much. This one definitely mademe a bigger fan of Owen!

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