In the Shadows


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Published on: May 7, 2009


The Torchwood team are caught up in the deadly activities of a mysterious cab driver in this exclusive audio adventure, read by Eve Myles.

When 24-year-old Steven Ballard is found dead, the police quickly realise that this is no ordinary case — for his body is that of a man in his seventies. They call in Torchwood to investigate, and after another corpse is found, it becomes clear that something terrible is happening.

Someone is sending victims to a dark dimension, to be punished by the thing they fear most. Who is the shadowy taxi driver preying on his passengers? What significance do boxes of matches play in this mystery? And can Jack ever escape from his own personal Hell…?

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Joseph Lidster


Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Owen Harper, Rhys Williams, Toshiko Sato

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Eve Myles


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3 reviews for In the Shadows

  1. Louise

    Love Eve Myles’s attempts at a masculine American accent. Story was interesting.

  2. CJ

    From a technical and artistic standpoint, the writing, direction, and narration were absolutely gorgeous; Eve Myles’ attempts at accents were…not great, but she had the characteristics of everyone and you quickly got used to it.

    Personally adored the storyline, the imagery, and layers of the narrative, but was pretty heavy on Christian symbolism which isn’t everyones cup of tea.

    The original character was fantastic, the character dynamics were engaging and fun to listen to, and I absolutely adored Gwen, Jack and Ianto’s arcs; as with most Torchwood content, this meat that Tosh and Owen were a little neglected, but they still had their moments!

    I have one major complaint about the antagonist, and it’s the villainisation of victims; other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. Xandra73

    This was intense! Definitely the best of the audio books so far. Eve Myles does a wonderful job with telling the story. What an emotional ride! While the first disc is more about a very interesting murder case, disc two turns into a real emotional rollercoaster when Jack is sent to hell. So twisted and dark. Definitely not the last time I listened to this.

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