Moving Target


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Published on: June 6, 2016


Suzie Costello would never describe herself as a hero. Not even if she were the last woman on Earth. Turns out, she’s the second last woman on Earth, and that’ll just have to do.

With the Earth frozen in time, Suzie becomes locked in a battle to save the planet and the life of Alex, the last woman alive. Hunted by alien warriors, and, with every hour that doesn’t pass, the stakes are only getting higher.

Suzie Costello would never describe herself as a hero. But she would say she’s someone who always makes the right choices. Wouldn’t she?

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Guy Adams


Suzie Costello

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Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – Monthly range


No major relationship

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Before series 1


Audio drama

3 reviews for Moving Target

  1. Estelle

    The story is chilling but fascinating.
    More importantly, it is the perfect plot device to explore how torn Suzie is between the different things she would like to be. Being the perfect kind hero and being the perfect unemotional soldier sometimes are at odds and choices must be made…
    Come for the exciting plot of this fast-paced story, stay for the amazing character exploration!

  2. Lily

    An amazing expansion of Suzie’s character. The plot is exciting and has a very intriguing concept, and the additional character has great acting and a wonderful dynamic with Suzie. It’s both fun and shocking and juxtaposes the two brilliantly, exploring both sides of Suzie, emphasising her conflicting instincts and making you sympathise with her as well as giving chilling reminders of her future.
    Another note: time jumps and montages must be hard to write in audio form, but this absolutely nails it.
    Overall, a fantastic story. Big Finish is great at taking the characters from the show and building them up to their full potential, and this fun and intense story won’t disappoint.

  3. Ciara

    I loved getting to see more of Suzie and the character exploration in this is amazing. The story itself is really interesting and engaging and that as well as the other main character in this and her relationship with Suzie show what a complex character she is.

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