Restricted Items Archive Entries 031-049


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Published on: July 21, 2022


The Restricted Items Archive is where all the items too dangerous for Torchwood are stored. Ianto Jones carefully catalogues each and every one. And he always works down there alone.

Only, something’s not quite right. There’s a secret in the Restricted Items Archive that won’t be ignored any longer.

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Maddie Wilson


Ianto Jones

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Steven Kavuma

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Audio drama

3 reviews for Restricted Items Archive Entries 031-049

  1. Estelle

    This is one where, once you get to the ending, you want to listen to it again with the new knowledge. And when you do, it holds up, both the plot and the characterisation. Great writing!
    I actually found the plot itself more interesting the second time around. On my first listen, the tidbits about the team’s life were what kept me entertained. (Spoilers: they truly are disasters, it’s a miracle they lived for as long as they did ;-))
    The timeline elements mentioned in this story don’t really make sense (that’s Torchwood for you) but I don’t really mind as long as the characterisation works. And it definitely does.
    Basically, come for the anecdotes about the team, stay for the creepy tale! 🙂

  2. Mel

    Ianto’s characterization in this is absolutely gold. His snark and humor shine and the way that Maddie Wilson captured snippets of their adventures in a way that clearly pictured them and yet in so few words, is fantastic.

    This is a brilliant idea that works perfectly with ianto for a one-person audio that had me on my toes throughout.

  3. Xandra73

    This is one of my favorite Ianto Audios. It’s cleverly written, perfectly in character and is finely interwoven with the overall canon (even that I have no clue where it would fit into it – haha). Exactly how I love the monthlies best. And Gareth does a hell of a job, with all the dialogue.

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