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Published on: October 17, 2008


SkyPoint is the latest high-rise addition to the ever-developing Cardiff skyline. It’s the most high-tech, avant-garde apartment block in the city. And it’s where Rhys Williams is hoping to find a new home for himself and Gwen. When Torchwood discover that residents have been going missing from the tower block, one of the team gets her dream assignment. Soon, SkyPoint’s latest newly married tenants are moving in. And Toshiko Sato finally gets to make a home with Owen Harper. Then something comes out of the wall…

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Phil Ford


Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Owen Harper, Rhys Williams, Toshiko Sato

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3 reviews for SkyPoint

  1. Lily

    A really fun story, especially if you’re a fan of Tosh and Owen. Don’t expect a masterpiece from any of the books, but this has some nice character moments and a well-paced intriguing plot.

  2. Syl Verne

    Combine two very different but in their own ways very good villains, an utterly gut-wrenching little Towen subplot and an almost-claustrophobic heist-/rescue-setting and you’d have SkyPoint in a nutshell!! Would give 5 stars again but I can’t throw that rating around *too* much and also it just,,, hurts a lot :’D (and is the beginning of the novels’ rather alarming Gwack-y tendencies sooo…).

  3. Xandra73

    For some reason I hadn’t much interest in reading the book and was surprised how much I loved it. Very fast paced and a real page turner from beginning to end. I liked how it focused partly on Owen and Tosh, but everyone was involved. There were a lot of references to other books and the show which was a nice bonus. The idea of a haunted skyscraper isn’t new, but I liked this take. I think this is my favorite of the books that involved the whole cast of 5.

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