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Published on: October 23, 2019


Glynteg was never much of a place. Since the refinery’s shut down there’s been nothing much going on – no jobs, no money, more pubs than buses. One of those sad Welsh towns where’s there’s little to do but drink.

Then the frakking company came and there was a brief spark of hope – maybe there’d be some jobs, at least. But that fizzled out. Instead the people started falling ill.

Gwen Cooper’s come to Glynteg to find out what’s happening. Something ancient has woken up beneath the ground and will do whatever it can to protect itself. The Hunters have been unleashed. And there’s only one way to stay safe.

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James Goss


Gwen Cooper

Content warnings

Forced substance abuse


Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – Monthly range


Gwen Cooper/Rhys Williams

Series timeline

Between series 4 and 5


Audio drama

2 reviews for Smashed

  1. Estelle

    This review may be influenced by the fact that I was sick with fever when I listened to it. I may have to revisit it when I am in a better state of mind.

    Another big thing that influences this review: I am at the very least uncomfortable with alcohol culture in my country (a Western country).
    As a result, some parts of this were horrifying to me because of decades of people pushing me to drink alcohol not only at parties but at any kind of social gathering. Which would be fine and is the intention of the author I think…except, in a few instances, the settings made me think this line or this situation was supposed to be a comedic bit but it just left me deeply uncomfortable.

    On top of my personal issues with the subject matter, some of it was very predictable (can you guess what happened to a character 5 seconds after they said “We are fine, you’ll keep me safe”?), some characters didn’t bring much or were underused and I’m not sure I got the resolution?

    On the plus side, I liked Martyn, the settings of the whole thing (why Gwen is there in the first place) is an interesting piece of canon that could be interesting to explore further and Eve Myles’ performance is amazing.

    Maybe give it a listen if you’re not exhausted by both alcohol culture and a nasty cold? You may have a very different opinion.

  2. Jay

    I really did not enjoy this story, the drunk acting didn’t work for me neither did the story.

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