The Dollhouse


3.00 out of 5
(2 reviews)
Published on: April 18, 2017


1970s Los Angeles – the city of angels and broken dreams. Three remarkable women keep the West Coast safe from alien attacks – they are Torchwood Los Angeles.

So many young girls come to this city hoping for something better. For some, luck is just around the corner. For others that golden ticket never arrives and they just fade away.

But it’s not that simple. Everyone has a value to someone, and Torchwood are about to discover Hollywood’s darkest secret.

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Juno Dawson


No major character

Content warnings

Misogyny, Racism


Lisa Bowerman

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Big Finish – Monthly range


No major relationship

Series timeline

Before series 1


Audio drama

2 reviews for The Dollhouse

  1. Estelle

    This audio drama is camp, brash and revels in it. Sadly, without any known characters that may have “anchored” it a bit for me or because I haven’t seen a lot of 1970s cop shows, it felt over the top to me.

    Objectively, the plot is tight, the characters are fun and well developed in the allotted time, and anyone who knows 1970s cop shows or Charlie’s Angels will probably get a kick out of it.

    I honestly think the only reason I didn’t enjoy it more is because I’m not the target demographic, which is fine by me.

  2. Lily

    I did enjoy the concept. Love the idea of an all-female team in 1970s America, but there were many things that could have been done better. The acting felt a bit off and the plot had some heavy content. I didn’t really feel invested enough in it to care about the ending, and would have prefered a more light-hearted story to go with fun characters. Unlike The Dying Room, the new characters/setting didn’t feel comfortable, but it was still a nice expansion into the Torchwood universe with a lot of potential.

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