The Five People You Kill in Middlesbrough


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Published on: June 24, 2021


When a spaceship crashes on Middlesbrough it’s very sad, of course. But we at Torchwood have long had a plan to contain such a disaster.

Only, nothing is happening. And the disaster is spreading. So, I set out to find out what’s going on. What has happened to The Icarus Protocol? Who launched a Moonstrike Missile? And why will no-one admit that there’s a cloud of deadly particles sweeping across the United Kingdom?

My name is Yvonne Hartman. Don’t come between me and my country.

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Tim Foley, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Yvonne Hartman


Yvonne Hartman

Content warnings

Antisemitism, Racism, Xenophobia


Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – Monthly range


No major relationship

Series timeline

After series 4


Audio drama

1 review for The Five People You Kill in Middlesbrough

  1. Estelle

    I enjoyed this story. However, I’m not a fan of its structure: Yvonne narrating just the beginning and the end and a series of barely connected “bosses” to defeat in-between. I know that was the point given the title but it didn’t work for me, it felt a bit too disjointed. Maybe if there had been more Yvonne narration during the story (as in The Conspiracy), it may have worked better for me.

    Another regret is that I really didn’t feel the urgency of the situation. The crisis wasn’t really the point of the story so I shouldn’t hold it against it but I think that if I was more anxious about the situation, I might have been more invested in what was going on and have more of an emotional response (either positive or negative) to the characters.

    On the positive side, I did find the story interesting anyway and some of it felt cathartic in these trying times. And as always, I love/hate how efficient and self-assured Yvonne is.

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