The House of the Dead


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Published on: July 13, 2011


The brewery have called “time” and it’s the last night at The House of the Dead — the most haunted pub in Wales. Barry the barman has invited renowned psychic, Mrs Wintergreen, to hold a special seance to mark the occasion, and there’s a big crowd hoping for the chance of seeing their deceased loved ones for one last time. But when Jack arrives on the scene, he’s determined to stop them. Ianto is puzzled by Jack’s behaviour, and Gwen is suspicious. Why is Jack acting so strangely? Then the ghosts start arriving — and all hell breaks loose.

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James Goss


Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness

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Kate McAll

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4 reviews for The House of the Dead

  1. Louise

    To anyone who thinks Jack didn’t love Ianto back:
    You are wrong. Go listen to this audio.

  2. Paycheckgurl

    It’s really hard to review this story, because for it to have the maximum impact you need to be lucky enough to go into it as unspoiled as possible.

    After finishing the series, listen to a few of the other BBC Radio audios before this one. Get a feel for their format and conventions, and then pick this one up.

    One of, it not THE, definitive Jack/Ianto audios. Required listening if you love these two. Be prepared to be hit by feels.

  3. Xandra73

    I heard only good things about this episode and The House Of The Dead fully delivered. The best way to go into this story is knowing nothing. I was quite spoilered but I LOVED it anyway. John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd doing an amazing job in this one. My heart still hurts. If you love to show you have to listen to this!

  4. Ciara

    This will emotionally destroy you and you will love it. Has by far some of the best Janto content!!

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