The Lives of Captain Jack Volume 03 – 2 – Mighty and Despair


3.00 out of 5
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Published on: March 25, 2020


Captain Jack Harkness – time-travelling con-man, saviour of the Earth, and intergalactic adventurer. He has lived many lives. These are three more of them.

Mighty and Despair

On a distant planet in the far future two travellers have come looking for a mythical hero.

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Tim Foley


Jack Harkness

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Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – The Lives of Captain Jack


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In the future


Audio drama

2 reviews for The Lives of Captain Jack Volume 03 – 2 – Mighty and Despair

  1. Estelle

    I had a very hard time getting into this one for a very stupid reason. I had difficulties telling Carla and Persis apart from voice or tone only. I had to guess who was speaking from what they were saying, which doesn’t make for a smooth listening.

    This issue may have made it harder for me to fully enjoy this episode but there are a lot of things I really liked.

    I liked that, no matter how reluctant, Jack can’t help himself but get involved and do what’s right.
    The development of the guest characters didn’t really do much for me (probably because of the problem I mentioned above) but the interactions between them and Jack were really good and the heart of this audio.

    Kudos to the sound editing as well that managed, along with clever writing of day-to-day life, to insert bits of fun and relatability in a sad tale that plays on an immortal’s scale.

  2. Xandra73

    The story is very well done and the side characters are excellent with good chemistry. My problem is, that Captain Jack has no real purpose in this story. It would have worked very well without him too. And I expect more if this is part of a CJH box set. Also while the other characters had great chemistry, he felt very disconnected to them. Maybe it was on purpose, but to me it felt more like a problem with the story itself. Aside that – the vampire story idea and the epic proportions of this story were really fascinating. So as a story without the good captain, it would been really good.

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