The Office of Never Was


3.80 out of 5
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Published on: July 6, 2017


There’s an empty office block in Cardiff. That’s nothing special – plenty of businesses go under, clear out, cease to exist. All that’s left behind is an empty building. But there’s one office block that refuses to be forgotten about.

There have been stories about that building – strange lights, funny goings on, faces pressed up against the glass. Enough to get the locals worried. Enough to ask Torchwood to get involved.

It’s Friday night. Ianto Jones has better things to do with his time than look round a haunted building. But he goes anyway, and it turns out that The Office has been waiting for him.

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James Goss

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Ianto Jones


Scott Handcock

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5 reviews for The Office of Never Was

  1. Estelle

    The Office of Never Was is a chilling haunted house story that shows a darker side to Torchwood and one of its members.

    The sound effects and editing really highlight the haunting feeling. That elevator alone…

    They make a very bold move with Ianto that I really enjoyed, once I was past the initial shock. I understand why some do not like it but to me, it fits with the Ianto we see in Cyberwoman or Torchwood One and highlights a side of Ianto that makes him even more of a complex and well-rounded character.

  2. Dina

    Wow, what a journey! The sound effects are not fun, to say the least, and the story is chilling – and I loved every second of it. It’s really interesting as a character study, and maybe good to listen to during the Halloween season. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-have, but I’m definitely planning to listen to it again.

  3. Louise

    I have it on good word that this is a really spectacular audio, but I could only listen to it the once because it is just a tad too creepy for cowardly little me.

  4. Alicia Jasmine

    A very creepy story and it reminded me of why I love Ianto Jones so much!!! I like that it shows a darker side to Torchwood.

  5. Xandra73

    While I’m not sure how I feel about the final explanation/end of the story (I have to let that sink in for a while) – the rest was great. The story was really nerve wrecking and scary. The sound effects were one of the absolute highlights in this story.
    Ianto and the girl had great chemistry. Especially in the beginning, when Ianto is completely alone in that building, Gareth did a terrific job to not make feel lenghty or boring.

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