The Sins of Captain John Volume 01 – 1 – The Restored


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Published on: January 16, 2020


From zombies in Restoration London, to Hell gatecrashing a funeral, rogue Time Agent Captain John Hart leads the universe to rack and ruin in four new adventures written by David Llewellyn.

The Restored

Captain John is in Restoration England looking for some gauntlets. There’s intrigue in the Tower of London, the dead are walking the streets, and the severed head of Oliver Cromwell has a terrible warning.

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David Llewellyn


Jack Harkness, John Hart

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Misogyny, Racism


Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – The Sins of Captain John


John Hart/Other

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Before series 1


Audio drama

3 reviews for The Sins of Captain John Volume 01 – 1 – The Restored

  1. Estelle

    What a good start for this new range!

    I was a bit wary at the beginning because of the fourth wall breaking in the trailer as a character who continuously breaks the fourth wall is very hard to write well. Personally, I often find myself jerked out of the story because of it. This one is done well and sparingly, and, especially in the second half, is really funny.

    After a slow start, the whole second half is hilarious: the writing, the timing, the performances, even the sound and music cues all create the kind of caustic and absurd humour I adore. The moment of the big reveal in particular is one I’ve already listened to several times. And from then on, the quality remains the same.

    As for the characters, Mohisha is really great: she won’t take shit from anybody while still being believable for a character in that time period.

    As for Captain John Hart himself, I wondered how I would feel about a box-set focused on him as, in the end, he had a very small part – and one almost entirely defined with respect to Jack Harkness – in the TV series. I liked that he wasn’t a caricature in this as he could have easily been. Especially in the first half, I appreciated that they found the right balance in him being a somewhat competent Time Agent who knows how to act/talk suitably for the time period in some ways while still being outrageously out of his time in other ways.

  2. Alicia Jasmine

    So so so good! I was immediately drawn in by the comedic elements of the story, the fourth-wall-breaking is excellent. The acting and dialogue of the other characters is also very well done. There were side characters that made me laugh multiple times! Also, the dynamic between John and a certain character is so so good.

  3. Xandra73

    Definitely a great start for the box set. All the characters where spot. I hadn’t been sure in the beginning if I would enjoy four hours of John Hart, but James Marsters does an excellent job. And the breaking the fourth wall elements are a really good idea.

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