The Three Monkeys


4.00 out of 5
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Published on: October 20, 2020


Andy Davidson’s been ordered to watch over a local businessman. Everything’s always gone right for him, and Andy’s long wondered why.

Owen joins him on the stakeout. He knows something – the businessman’s attracted Torchwood’s attention, and tonight, the two of them are going to take him down. But will luck be on their side?

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James Goss


Andy Davidson, Owen Harper

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Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – Monthly range


No major relationship

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Series 2


Audio drama

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2 reviews for The Three Monkeys

  1. Estelle

    This third Andy and Owen outing is as creepy but far lighter than the first two.
    The plot is suspenseful (in its first half) and clever. The fact that the story is a bottle episode inside Andy’s car with limited access to what’s going on outside makes for funny situations and really involves the listener. It’s a bit like you’re in the backseat with the monkey. 😀
    The dialog is sharp, fun and great at contrasting Andy’s lucidity and optimism with Owen’s bitterness, especially as delivered by the skillful Tom Price and Burn Gorman. Both actors really have great chemistry.
    There are a few nice character moments but nothing as gripping or visceral as Corpse Day or The Hope.
    All this to say that I really hesitated between 3 or 4 stars. If I’m being honest, it probably suffers from the comparison I can’t help making with Corpse Day and The Hope. It may be unfair but I’m going to go with 3 because this is not one that I would necessarily pick for a Big Finish monthly range marathon. It’s a good one but yeah, if I were to recommend seminal works from the monthly range, I would definitely pick one of the other two, probably The Hope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Paycheckgurl

    This is all around a really fun adventure. The audio starts off strong, pretty much beginning with a tract against wealthy people abusing their power and position, and uses that theme throughout in a bit of a “what about the little guy they stamp over” way.

    There’s some really nice character dynamic stuff between Andy and Owen. The McGuffin functions in such a way that it allows them to say some things to each other that needed be said, but they otherwise wouldn’t have for fear of the repercussions of being so honest.

    The dialogue is incredibly sharp and there’s a lot of good one liners.

    It’s a lot less dark than this pairings last two outings, but it still manages to inject a little of creepiness and suspense given the situation, and the fact the monkey mcguffin is described as being particularly creepy looking.

    Owen shines here, with what I can only describe as “chaotic bisexual energy”.

    I’d recommend this for anyone that’s really interested in the Andy and Owen dynamic, but might have been put off by the Hard R-rated nature of their last two.

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