Torchwood One: Before the Fall – 3 – Uprising


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Published on: January 19, 2017


London, 2005. Yvonne Hartman is the undisputed head of Torchwood One. Above the government, beyond the police, she has excellent people skills; enjoys regular tea with the Queen; and effortlessly defends the British Empire from alien threats.

Yvonne Hartman is excellent at her job, and inspires devotion in everyone who works with her – until, one day, she makes a terrible mistake. We all make mistakes. But only at Torchwood can a single mistake plunge your world into interstellar war.

Yvonne Hartman’s facing the fight of her life. One she’s going to win.


“Torchwood. It’s taken the best part of a month, but I’ve finally got things running how they should be. How they should have been all along. ”

Torchwood has experienced some radical changes, but things are finally settling down. Everyone has pulled together and is trying to put the past behind them. Well, except for Yvonne Hartman – she’s out to win the future.

There’s one problem. Someone seems to have started an interstellar war. Someone who knows Torchwood from the inside out.

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Matt Fitton


Ianto Jones, Tommy Pierce, Yvonne Hartman

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Barnaby Edwards

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Big Finish – Torchwood One


Ianto Jones/Lisa Hallett, Ianto Jones/Other

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Audio drama

4 reviews for Torchwood One: Before the Fall – 3 – Uprising

  1. Estelle

    This is a very clever and satisfying wrap up for this box-set. Just like the other two episodes, it is a mix of every-day office politics and ruthless alien dealings that shouldn’t work but definitely does and has a very different flavour from the Torchwood Three dramas.

    Once again, Yvonne Hartman shines. All the other characters, even the smaller roles, benefit from great performances. Great characterisation, great tone: it made me an immediate fan of the range.

  2. Dina

    A wonderful ending to this boxset! I was on the fence about the Torchwood One range, but this? This is beautiful. I wasn’t originally sure about buying it, since a boxset is more of a commitment, but it’s a great introduction to the range.

  3. Louise

    I don’t want to spoil the end but it frustrates me. I can understand why it happened–it makes perfect sense why it ended that way, really–but still it frustrates me. Otherwise this was an engaging box set that had me wide eyed and rambling away at my friend at every turn!

  4. Xandra73

    Great ending to a really strong story overall. It gets harder and harder to actually write a review since it would be full of spoilers. All I can say is that Yvonne is really badass and I really grew to love her. Before the Fall has a great story – with a terrific beginning and it continues with strong storytelling and a very solid end. Very highly recommended.

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