Torchwood Soho: The Unbegotten


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Published on: October 19, 2022


The dead walk the Earth! The air and ground are poisoned!

Mandeville Walk is the most haunted street in 1950s Soho. Norton Folgate has come to confront ghosts of his own, but finds himself caught up in a government cover-up. Andy Davidson is being hunted by demons. What really happened on Mandeville Walk?

3.1 A First Breath
Torchwood visits the most haunted street in London.

3.2 The Ghost Wall
Norton Folgate ruins a carpet. Andy worries about a wall.

3.3 The Taken
An ancient force awakens.

3.4 Afterwards They Came
The demons and ghosts arise. Torchwood learns a lesson.

3.5 Confessions
The grisly secret of the gentleman callers.

3.6 Mandeville Walks
As London falls, everyone turns to Norton Folgate.

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James Goss


Andy Davidson, Gideon Lyme, Lizbeth Hayhoe, Norton Folgate

Content warnings

Homophobia, Torture


Scott Handcock

Episode timeline





Big Finish – Torchwood Soho


Gideon Lyme/Norton Folgate

Series timeline

Before series 1


Audio drama

1 review for Torchwood Soho: The Unbegotten

  1. Estelle

    This was so good! I absolutely love the resolution!

    I actually found the whole mystery to be very compelling. The first episode is very intriguing in the way it sets the pieces up and the plot unfolds brilliantly with the twists and turns of the subsequent episodes.

    As always in this range, the plot is interwoven with the personal stories in a good mix. And, as always, the interactions between the main characters are delightful. I’m especially fond of Lizbeth and Norton’s friendship.

    Though, on this subject, why no Lizbeth on the cover, Big Finish?
    And I’m a bit disappointed that Norton didn’t manage to get Andy naked in this one. It’s a first. 😉

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