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Published on: June 7, 2017


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Come on, we’ve all done it. We’ve all downloaded a cheeky little something we shouldn’t have. After all, what’s the harm, eh? You never get caught. No-one knows. No-one knocks at your door and tells you you’re about to die.

Turns out, there’s something hiding in the internet. It knows what you’ve done. And it’s going to stop you.

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Scott Handcock


Toshiko Sato

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Scott Handcock

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4 reviews for torchwood_cascade_CDRip.tor

  1. Estelle

    This audio drama is an exercise in style and a pretty much successful one.

    Though the plot is not the most fascinating one we’ve had, the sound effects/editing is mostly very efficient, though I do admit that it once or twice took me out of the story during the second half.

    The characters and the performances are great. Tosh is always a favourite and Stephen is compelling and endearing. The messages he leaves on Tosh’s voicemail, in context, are heartbreaking.

    I really do wish the resolution of the plot was less disappointing as I feel this spoils the other good elements of this story.

  2. Lily

    The editing style of this one would be down to your personal preference. I really loved it, hence the five stars – the corrupted file effects made the whole thing feel sinister. It’s well-made and original, adding a new layer to an already exciting plot.
    I loved how the story gradually developed Steven’s character, and this is also Tosh content at its best; the acting is brilliant.
    [I’d recommend listening to Zone 10 beforehand. It’s not a continued plot, but the references may add a bit of confusion]

  3. Paycheckgurl

    One of the best uses of the audio format, this one makes really strong use of music, static, and even clips of other audio dramas. The style helped keep it from feeling too down beat, which is a problem I’ve had with some of Tosh’s other solo audios.

    Character wise, I really liked that Tosh’s brilliance was on full display, and how the new character was introduced.

    Also while it’s incredibly fan-servicey, I appreciate that they took the opportunity to address a continuity error from the show in a really clever way, and added some more to Tosh’s backstory.

  4. Dina

    Don’t listen to this alone at night. Or do. It’s chilling but you get used to it pretty quickly. Keep in mind that the audio jumps around a bit – it’s part of the effect!
    Tosh and Stephen are a good match in the story, Tosh taking the lead when Stephen calls her for help. He’s endearing and sweet. This is a clever story, very Torchwood, wonderful Tosh content.
    Get it!

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