We Always Get Out Alive


5.00 out of 5
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Published on: May 22, 2018


Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams are on the run from a cataclysm. They’re the only survivors, and they’re driving away from the disaster as fast as they can. They’ve got to get away, they’ve got to warn the authorities, and they just can’t be late for the babysitter again.

Dim problem. After all, they’re Torchwood and they always get out alive. But this time there’s something in the car with them. Isn’t there?

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Guy Adams


Gwen Cooper, Rhys Williams

Content warnings



Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – Monthly range


Gwen Cooper/Rhys Williams

Series timeline

Between series 4 and 5


Audio drama

2 reviews for We Always Get Out Alive

  1. Estelle

    This is bottle episode done right!
    The character work for each character and for their relationship is so good. It is enhanced by great performances from both Eve Myles and Kai Owen.
    The writing, directing and editing all add up to set up a growing sense of unease that makes this a thrilling tale.
    The end is a bit underwhelming but it really doesn’t matter as the journey is what’s important here.

  2. Lily

    A wonderfully chilling story with amazing acting. The editing does a great job of making you feel uncomfortable, with good pacing to gradually build up the effect; the dynamic between Gwen and Rhys is also really enjoyable.

    It’s the perfect immersive audio drama. I suggest listening in the dark for the full experience…

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