Zone 10


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Published on: April 5, 2016


They call it ‘Pulse’ – a radio signal which has puzzled the world for 40 years. But now Toshiko Sato has solved it.

She’s uncovered a message which leads her to Russia, and into an uneasy alliance with the KVI – the Russian equivalent of Torchwood. Toshiko needs to get into Zone 10 – a frozen wasteland which officially doesn’t exist.

An intergalactic war was once fought in Zone 10. And it turns out there’s a survivor.

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David Llewellyn


Toshiko Sato

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Scott Handcock

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Big Finish – Monthly range


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Audio drama

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4 reviews for Zone 10

  1. Estelle

    First of all, what a pleasure to hear Toshiko again! I’ve missed her! And having her far away from the team allows a deeper exploration of her character. We see sides of her that often were stifled by the larger-than-life personalities of other Torchwood team members.

    The other main character, Maxim, is very charming and I very much enjoyed his relationship with Tosh. I wouldn’t mind having him pop back in another audio drama at one point or another.

    The plot is tight and intriguing, if somewhat predictable…on purpose I think. This is very much a story where the journey is more interesting than the destination, and what a compelling journey!

  2. Alicia Jasmine

    I adore this audio! I loved all the characters. The plot is interesting. Also, I loved the development this story gives to Tosh!

  3. Xandra73

    Tosh! It’s so good to have her back! Real joy listen to her adventure in Russia. The story was good – maybe not the most gripping storyline so far, but there was a lot about the Commity and raised a lot more questions than it answered.

  4. Dina

    The characters are great, and Tosh rocks her first standalone adventure! In Russia – I’m not going to lie, the accents really put me off, but that’s just the awkwardness of actually knowing a language and hearting bad accents of it…
    ANYWAY. I really enjoyed it! It IS a story with the Committee storyline, but I haven’t listened to most of the other audios in that range, and it didn’t inhibit me.
    Get it!

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